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Women Health: The Gynagyn group is uniquely designed and formulated from natural Ingredients, this product range designed for women vaginal health care 

Dormancy: is oral spray Melatonin, it is a sleeping aid with mint flavour. it is sugar and preservative free.

  • Gynagyn BV

  • Gynagyn VA

  • Gynafresh VW 

  • Canagyn

  • Dormancy Oral Spray 
  • Dormancy Sublingual tablets 

Gynagyn/ Lactagyn BV

Gynagyn BV is a combination of Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Rosemary oil extract that has proven efficacy in the treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis and the associated symptoms (Vaginal discharge and odor, soreness, irritation and itching).

Gynafresh/ Lactagyn VW

The feminine hygiene that women can trust as daily routine wash. The product was formulated to suit women hygiene concerns. Gynafresh VW is a scientific formula of natural ingredients that have proven efficacy in killing odor causing bacteria, pH balanced and moisturizing dry skin of the intimate area.

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Snoozzz / Dormancy Oral Spray 
Snoozzz/ Dormancy 
is a formulated natural sleep supplement which utilizes calming melatonin to help improve natural sleep cycle. Whether for jet lag or struggling with occasional sleeplessness.

Gynagyn/ Lactagyn VA 

Gynagyn VA is a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Lactic acid that has a proven efficacy in the treatment of vaginal atrophy and the associated symptoms (dryness, soreness, irritation, itching and dyspareunia).
Canagyn Design .jpg
Canagyn is a combination of Boric Acid and Lactic Acid  that has proven efficacy in the treatment of Vaginal Candida and Yeast infections.
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