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The Scar Healing Aid 

Présentation d'une nouvelle combinaison innovante pour le traitement des infections fongiques et à levures 
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Medical devices class I 
Advanced medical aid used for the treatment of previously healed scars of different origins. 
The gel has a smoothing and soothing effect on scar tissue, improves its appearance by softening and evening out the colour, and reducing the discolouration. The product reduces itching and the tangible tension of the skin. General information and indications for use: 
The product is recommended for: 
Enhancing the treatment of scars of various origins, including after:

  • Burns, 

  • Injuries (abrasions, cuts),  

  • Surgeries (section), 

  • Surgical treatment

As the scar's protective layer against rubbing and sunlight 

Active ingredients: 

Biogenic Gensil-21 OL - an innovative compound of active ingredients concealed in one product. 
When applied to the skin, this practical silicone elastomer noticeably softens it. Absorbs quickly. 
Does not contain PEG, parabens, detergents 
{including SLS, SLESl. 
Safe for the skin. 
Provides all-day protection.

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