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Introducing an easy, accurate and safe solution for detecting rupture of amniotic fluid.

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Gyniotic Fluid Test 


Gyniotic Detection  Panty-liner is a combination of the traditional litmus paper and the common sanitary pads for woman. It is a non-invasive conventional pregnancy test product. As a class II medical instrument, it is made of safe and non-irritating imported materials, and sterilized by irradiation. It can be used to diagnose whether the unexplai ned vaginal wetness in pregnancy is caused by premature rupture of amniotic fluid.

Comparison of detection methods for PROM

Traditional Methods ( Instant detection, Strong invasion)

Highly invasive and " has the potential to cause rupture and abortion during pregnancy, and 

usually do not accepted by pregnant women.

Amniotic cavity dye infusion

According to statistics, more than 90% of the pregnant women 

will feel uncomfortable. embarrassed or fearful through the 

traditional instant detection of 

PROM. At the same time, it will increase the risk of infection.

Amniotic fluid test paper, Ferning test

Litmus test paper, a new generation PROM test method 


Safe and non-allergy, comfortable and non-intrusive, continuous detection 24 hours per day, sensitive to 100µL sample, accuracy rate more than 97.5%, it can be used both for clinical SCleening and for self-examination at home. It is easy to use and the results can be judged without the need of medical knowledge. It guarantees the safety of both mother and baby, and can also release the anxiety and intensity of the pregnant women.

PROM Detection Panty-liner

PROM test method Upgraded 


Traditional intrusive methods upgrade to non-intrusive. 


One time instant test upgrade to continuous detection 24 hours per day.


Clinical test upgrade to home self-examination, releasing clinical time.


It is suspected or PROM if the test strip under the fitter layer becomes blue or green.
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